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These leaders use outsourcing to improve flexibility and create new ideas, and are obsessed with getting suppliers, customers, and employees to work together. MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE The global value network can do things that were previously thought to be either impossible or at least impractical. An importer in Singapore needs approvals from 18 agencies that handle customers and trade approvals in order for a large shipment to move globally. The trader logs on to TradeNet, an Internet-based system developed by the Singapore Trade Development Board, enters its request, and completes the forms online.

Internet technologies and close-knit partnerships now make it possible for partners to truly collaborate on planning, forecasting, and making adjustments throughout the supply chain, not just in one factory or delivery process. If the retail trade’s effort on CPFR – that stands for Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Requirements – works broadly like it is beginning to in a few places, then a whole new era of partnerships and value network management is at hand. NETWORKED INCUBATORS AND THE NEW ECONOMY A new partnership-building business model ‘‘When properly designed, networked incubators combine the best of two worlds – the scale and scope of large, established corporations and the entrepreneurial spirit of small venture-capital firms – all while providing unique networking THE E-DIMENSION 33 benefits.

But even this won’t be easy, because almost two-thirds of retailer’s forecasting is still done via telephone interaction between people! According to Martha Uhlhorn, VP of e-commerce for Earthgrains, a St Louis (Missouri) based baked goods company,‘‘The technology’s easy, and the people are hard . . ’’ And if that is not enough of an obstacle, the other end of the supply chain looms as an even more daunting challenge. Retailers, the last link in the supply chain before consumers, are having their own doubts about Transora.

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