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Volume III/34 of Landolt-Börnstein summarizes our present wisdom of semiconductor quantum buildings, a subject matter in utilized condensed subject physics with gradually turning out to be technological value. the current subvolume 34A covers progress and structuring of semiconductor quantum buildings. It features a common creation, and discussions of the expansion and guidance of quasi-zero-dimensional buildings (quantum dots), quasi-one-dimensional buildings (quantum wires) and quasi-one-dimensional buildings (quantum wells). subject matters comprise appropriate development strategies and examples for staff IV semiconductors, III-V semiconductor compounds, II-VI semiconductor compounds, I-VII semiconductor compounds and IV-VI semiconductor compounds.

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4 Some further chemical routes Another method to obtain layers of NC is electrodeposition (more precisely in most cases electrophoretic deposition). This process is usually performed in aqueous media. A stable suspension of (nano) particles that carry an electric charge is exposed to a dc or pulsed electric field. g. ITO-covered glass, where they are deposited. In cases where high voltages are required, which result in the electrolysis of water, also organic solvents can be used. Also solid gel matrices are in use.

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