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By Aziz Kristof

Enlightenment past Traditions is a different and innovative publication. via this ebook has been channeled the sunshine of natural figuring out that brings us to the non secular wholeness. With an outstanding precision, it leads us in the course of the advanced and hazardous realm of awakening, the place such a lot of received misplaced. This e-book is actually past traditions, that's, past the prior wisdom. The imaginative and prescient of Enlightenment which it provides is multidimensional, embracing probably, the everlasting paradox of Being and changing into; the human and the everlasting. right here the traditional excellent of liberation is itself transcended in the awakening of the Soul, who reaches her ultimate future: Divinity.

In this new knowing, the evolution into the final word Peace and awakening to the center are visible truly as belonging to assorted planes of expertise, being met, even though, in the entire individual. The the most important message of this booklet is the confident position of the Me, that is the mysterious topic at the back of all reviews. it's not denied, yet to the contrary, obvious because the in simple terms automobile in which the common i'm trips within the human size in the direction of Its personal mild.

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They are not the samt'. The awakemng refers to the state where the auc ntion rccoanizea itaelf, that is, becomes selfmg the Enlighlt'nccl stalt' of mind. 'onc who has not compktt•cl the inner wmk. To ht' "in the momem" is not the same a' being in the Tnuh. fht• Truth is a unity of the suhjt·nive and objectin· polarities of existence.

1inrlfuhH·" mt·<~ns tllilt one is <·

Mterward, there is no longer any center. for one is resting in tile state prior to experience, prior to awareness. Certainly tllcre is a recognition oftl1c Unborn which creates a new quality tllat comes from tl1e meeting of the Presence witll the Absolute (tile non-presence state). Thi• recognition is extremely subtle and can be described as a knowing-ness of pure rest without ,Ul) center. It is here tllat our Presence a' a n·nter of consciousness, that is, pure att(•ntion, meets tlu· Unborn, the primordial source of all.

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